After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections

"At first I was hesitant to go on this trip 23 days without your phone and with strangers is kinda crazy, but now after 23 days am glad i decide to go on this trip” -Jacob Gregory, Union SC

“This trip has been a journey of self examination and really opened my eyes to the wider world.” - TJ Garner, Union SC

“I went insanely out of my comfort zone, but I've had the time of my life.” - MJ Brewer, Greensboro, NC

“TWB helped me feel happy and alive again after all the stress of the past few years. Thank you!” - Emma Gould, Raleigh NC

“It was cool getting to know so many new people.” - Ollie Miller, Sanford NC

“I loved the experience and I'm so grateful for this opportunity.” - Sarah Felton, Raleigh NC

“TWB was nothing like I expected but overall I'm very grateful I had this opportunity and was a part of a christian influenced leadership program.” - Makyna Rouse, Sanford NC

“I love it!! You just have to embrace it!! Take every moment! Enjoy the traveling and nature while meeting amazing people!” - Carson Buie, Laurinburg NC

“TWB definitely had its challenges but has overall made me a more open and confident person.” - Samantha Weber, Mooresville NC

“The places were amazing to see and experiencing them with people my own age along with making new friends along the way.” - Madison Lee, Mount Holly NC

“Amazing! If I could go again I would.” - Harris Wilkinson, Sanford NC

“I am so grateful I got to experience this trip, I have learned to go with the flow and have seen so many cool new places with my new best friends. I wish I could experience it all over again.” - Lilly Goldstein, Mooresville NC

“BEST 23 DAYS OF MY LIFE! I feel like I know people on this trip better than some friends back home! They weren’t lying when they said it will fly by after the Grand Canyon! I wish I could relive every moment over again.” - Bailey Allen, Elon NC

“Finally I felt myself get out of my comfort zone, and learned how to make the most of each moment. Very special trip! The people are amazing and just in awe about how fast it flew by! So excited for other people to experience this. Also I really appreciate the staff making me feel welcome such as the staff memorizing our names and knowing them on the first day!” - Merrily Tew, Gastonia NC

“I have loved my TWB experience because of the other participants. Everyone’s personality and kindness has made this a smooth trip. The staff are also super good at including everyone.” - Dakota Hooks, Whiteville NC

“I was scared to come on this trip because I had been struggling with friends at home but this has been one of the best things for me because I have met so many great friends that I love.” - Logan Jones, Denver NC

“I was terrified but I've had endless amounts of fun. This is the most genuine happiness I've felt in a while. I will always be thankful for these people. I've made some best friends.”
Rachael Campbell, Raleigh NC

“A great experience that gave me a new view on life, a little sample packet for vacation, and friends to last a lifetime.”
Hayden Love, Concord NC

“It was one of the best decisions to apply and it has changed my life in a positive way and given me more life goals.”
 Sarah Shiflet, Gastonia NC

“I had the time of my life. I have met so many people I hope to stay in touch with. The staff is amazing and I wish I could do it all over again. It is an experience I will never forget. TWB has shown me where I want to go in life and how to interact with people face to face. I do not miss my phone. It has showed me to go after my goals and just say what is on my mind.”
Riley Brennan, Fort Mill NC

“I’ve met lots of awesome people and i’m grateful for the experience.”
Daniel Kalinin, Mooresville NC

Harrison Carter, Wilmington NC

“This was an amazing trip I would recommend for anyone.” - Jake Honeycutt, Concord NC

“My TWB experience was amazing and I'm already making plans after the trip.” 
Aiden Faust, Gastonia NC

“I’m glad I met friends and enjoyed good times with others. Also, I enjoyed Danger Zone the whole trip.” - Charlie Roy, Hampton SC

“I had the most fun and it flew by so fast. Stepping out of my comfort zone is one of the hardest things I did on this trip but i'm so thankful I did because I have met some of the most amazing people and made memories I will cherish forever.” - Emily Lewis, Reidsville NC

“It has been the best days of my life and I got to meet amazing new people.”
Sentrelle Graves, Reidsville NC

“I would love to do it again.” - Libby Shaw, Dallas NC

“This has been one of the most amazing group of people ive ever met!”
 Corbin Baber, Salisburg NC

“I love both types of Kevin!!” - Zachary Lewis, Reidsville NC

“It was not what I expected, but I have loved the experience and people I have met.”
Ellie Reuter, Mooresville NC

“It is definitely a one of a kind experience, I would recommend it to anyone. I will definitely remember these past 23 days.” - Sophie Miller, Sanford NC

“The best experience of my life, it was truly life changing and helped me find myself and my purpose in life. Thank you so much for changing my life 100% for the better. Best thing that has happened to me. Please never stop this amazing trip.” - Anna Jenkins, Gastonia NC

“The best experience of my life honestly!! I have never felt more joy in my life like I have had in these past 20 days. I love everyone and before I really prayed over this whole experience and God has answered every prayer - Love yall” - Jaclyn Harrison, NC

“I had the time of my life despite roughing it.” - Abby Mitchell, Matthews NC

“Not at all what I expected; so so much better than anyone could imagine.” - Maggie Bassinger, Mooresville NC

“My TWB experience has been all over the place. Most days I wanted to do nothing but go home, and others spent never wanting to be separated from the person I now called a friend. It’s an emotional roller coaster you have to be ready to ride with no end in sight until you return to Mallard Creek where the people and friends will linger on.” - Wriston Griffin, Indian Trail NC

“I’ve learned how to be okay using the bathroom in public! ;)” - Macy Mcalister, Greensboro NC

“I loved TWB! It helped me grow and see things in a different perspective.” - Annaliese Neui, Greenville SC

“I loved it so much, and will cherish these memories and photos for years to come.” - Phoebe Clutter, High Point NC

“TWB will most likely be one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so glad I listened to my mom and decided to go on this trip. The memories I’ve made and people I met will always be in my head.” - Sadie Allyn Kiser, Denver NC

“I have loved largely every second of this trip. I’ve made so many friends and I cannot imagine how to explain this trip back home.” - Nathan Rochelau, Burlington NC

“Originally I was hesitant to come on this trip, but I’m very glad I did. The stress of life was really getting to me but on this trip I feel like a kid again for the first time in years. I have new friends, new experiences, and a new outlook on life.” - Charlotte Crowell, High Point NC

“Great group of people and glad to make a lot of new friends and see new places.” - Grant Riser, Mooresville NC

“Very exciting and glad I went.” - Matthew Roberson, Charlotte NC

“Met some of my new best friends and learned to appreciate certain things a lot more. So excited to reunite with my new BFFs.” - Kate Simpson, Winston-Salem NC

“I was really on the fence about going, but I’m so glad I did. I’ll never get to experience something like this against and disconnecting allowed me to learn a lot about myself and others. Beyond thankful for this!” - Brynn Dodge, Chapel Hill NC

“I couldn’t have spent my senior summer any better. I met lots of people going to NCSU, even someone in my own major. Proved to me how easy it is to put yourself out there.” - Carly Hegwer, Sanford NC

“I had lots of fun on TWB. I met lots of cool people. I loved seeing the USA and all of its sights. The experience taught me a lot about myself.” - Tripp Current, Gastonia NC

“I have been waiting for this experience for lose to three years, and it has been one of the best things I have ever done. I have met so many interesting and kind people and have become more independent. I am extremely grateful for this trip.” - Connor Scheer, Concord NC

“Even though not every meal, place, or moment was perfect or what I has hoped for, I have learned to adapt, be more outgoing, take every moment for granted, serve other better and take less time doing things. I have loved seeing America and experiencing people, places, and moments very few people get to. I am beyond thankful!” - Ainsley Vandermeer, Cramerton NC

“So thankful for this amazing trip with so many amazing new friends.” - Maggie Simmons, Whiteville NC

“Really fun and made new friends.” - Evan Black, Mt. Holly NC

“I never thought I would love 60+ people this much in only 23 days. And you learn a lot about yourself. Deeper than surface level.” - Abby Overton, Apex NC

“Everything I dreamed about and more.” - Emilio Saiz, Gastonia NC

“Really glad I was fortunate enough to do it and would do it again.” - Henry Eisenhuth, Belmont NC

“It’s been life changing and everyone here has become sibling-like to me. I wouldn’t change anything about what this experience has been (taught me I don’t need my phone to make genuine connections).” - Marin Cahill, Davidson NC

“An experience of a life time.” - Stetson McDaniel, Kings Mountain NC

“It really is life changing. It teaches you a lot about yourself and who you want to be. I’m so grateful for this experience because I feel like a better person coming out of it. Thank you to Grant, Ashley, Kevin, Payton, Miss V, Buss Driver Kevin and MArc for making this experience so amazing. I don’t know how y’all put up with us. Each of you have helped put a smile on my face and motivated me to make the most of TWB.” - Ella-Chase Leavitt, Charlotte NC

Day 23- Return

Day 23-HOME

Grumpy’s here: Tripp, Henry, Harris, Riley, Bailey, Maggie, Libby, Abby, Sentrelle, and Sarah Tate and we are checking in with you from Troutman, NC on our way back to Mallard Creek


We woke up this morning at 7:30 am, which is a major highlight since we normally wake up at the crack of dawn. Many of us were excited to sleep in because we stayed up and had a glow stick war for 4th of July and rang in our last full day of TWB. Today consists of mostly driving and saying our goodbyes to the amazing friends we’ve made! Although we are excited to come home, we will forever miss our family we’ve made on TWB and the experiences we’ve made across America. We have already begun making plans for reunions, shopping trips, vacations, etc.! 

Many campers have decided to pass around souvenirs for everyone to sign as a memento of our travels together. We will always be a family no matter what. This was the experience of a lifetime and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to be a part of TWB. 

See you soon in Mallard Creek, we are so sad to leave each other, but we do know that TWB family is forever! We love you all!

Your favorites, 

The Grumpy’s 

TWB family is forever! Please stay in contact and always remember the relationship that you made for a lifetime!

Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22-Kentucky

Grumpy’s here: Tripp, Henry, Harris, Riley, Bailey, Maggie, Libby, Abby, Sentrelle, and Sarah Tate and we are checking in with you from Corbin, Kentucky!


This morning we woke up at 5:15 which came fast because we spent most of our night observing a baby fox and raccoons. We also saw someone fall out of their Eno, but we won’t talk about that. After we all got to our designated vehicles, we all took nice two-hour naps to our rest stop in Indiana. When we got back on, we all had a delicious doughnut breakfast with bananas and Sunny D - the royal treatment if you will. Just like that we were headed to one of our last destinations before heading to NC… Churchill Downs! Once we made it, we explored the Kentucky Derby Museum, had our own horse races where we could place fake bets and see how much money we won, and we were so excited to see a real race all decked out in our Fourth of July attire. You may see Tripp in flag pants, everyone having their nails painted, including almost all the boys. Of course, we found the gift shop and bought plenty of souvenirs.


After the latest lunch, we made it to the FAMOUS, FIRST EVER, KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, ALSO KNOWN AS KFC. While we were there, our groups practiced our talents for the show while we were waiting to be called for dinner. We had a nice traditional KFC dinner and headed to our last campsite. Once we unpacked, we started with the show.


There were tears, laughs, and some embarrassed people. Ultimately, the Happy’s won the talent show with their "Guess that Camper" game. (We all know it was rigged). Somehow, the Dopey’s, pulled the ultimate upset and won the whole overall score from all the competitions during our TWB adventure. Also, rigged. We had a tear-jerking sing along looking up at the stars. We were reminiscing on our past 22 days together and thinking about our last day tomorrow. It has been a pleasure end the blog with a bang. We look forward to seeing you all in person soon.


Your favorites,

The Grumpy’s

                                                      Ms. V loves her some Casey DONUTS!

                                                                        Sleeping beauties


                                           Group photo infront of the THE Churchill Downs

Grant and Henry are the couple of TWB

Taking in all of the information in the museum at Churchill Downs

Racing horses in the simulation center!

                                               Jaclyn in her comfort zone over here! Horse gal!

We cannot believe these outfits and hats!

Aiden can't stop betting at the mock wager window!

Jake being Jake

Watching a REAL race!

                                                                             Oh Henry...

Time for a CARWASH! Thank goodness! Miss America has collected an assortment of bugs over the past few weeks... 

The van crew vacuuming up all the snack and meal crumbs! 

Each group practicing for their skit tonight in the KFC parking lot. 

Phoebe is our official marshal for KFC dinner... she has been escorting each group inside. 

The COOKS! Best dinner yet. 

Gimme some macaroni!

Jaclyn and Jake are HAPPY to have REAL food. 

Corbin servin' up that fried chicken!

Time for the LAST competition!... 

The dopey group (Winner winner chicken dinner for ALL the competitions)

The bashfuls

The Happy Happy Happy's! Winners of the skit!!!

The grumpy's - their skit was SO LONG. 

The sleepy's

The sneezy's (had to perform in the dark)... 

Our LAST sing-a-long....we might have shed a tear or two.