Day 17- Cody, Wyoming

Day 17: Cody, Wyoming

HHHHEEEYYYY YALLLLL it’s the Happys here- Jaclyn Harrison, Carson Buie, MJ Brewer, Sam Inman, Madison Lee, Ellie Reuter, Harrison Carter, Annaliese Nelli, Sarah Shiflet, Jake Honeycutt, and Hayden Love coming to you from a dairy queen in Cody, Wyoming! 


Today we got to sleep in until 7:45am!!!! WOOHOO!! It was great!! We started the day off whitewater rafting down the Shoshone River in Cody, Wyoming.  The water was absolutely freezing! A whopping 45 degrees, BRRRRRR!!! Some of us got more soaked than others, and most of us jumped in the freezing water. After completing our journey we felt very accomplished because we looked like professionals going down the many rapids!

We then came back to the campsite to a wonderful surprise by our very own Grant Deaton and Ms. V. They cooked us a delicious breakfast of eggs, grits, sausage, and toast. After the meal we had some time to ourselves. Most of us did laundry (our last time ), shower, and shopped. A group of boys went to go play mini golf, and of course Sam being the G.O.A.T. won, and of course bet him a blizzard, which he paid for in quarters, LOL!!! The girls then got all dolled up in jean shorts and tank tops, while the boys put on their Walmart homemade jean shorts (jorts), with muscle tees.

Dinner time came around and the Sleepies began cooking a sit-down dinner for us. We had grilled cheese, tomato soup, caesar salad, and cookies! After that we loaded the bus and van and headed downtown to shop for COWBOY HATS!!! Pretty much everyone got a hat ranging from $15 to $200 (parents check your kids bank accounts), then we were off to the rodeo! We had the best time EVER!! Most of us thought it was the best night of the whole trip. One of the more interesting parts was the calf chase for children 12 and under, Aiden going in for the TWB crew, he blended in just fine, unfortunately he did not win. The rodeo announcers loved us and even played “Sweet Caroline” for us, and of course we went crazy!! Now ending our night at Dairy Queen right behind our campsite, enjoying blizzards and other treats. Some of us mingling with the local teenage cowboys and girls. Today was a day of making memories that will last a lifetime!

Rafting Time! Everyone is prepped for some chilly water in rain jackets and ponchos!

Nathan loves him so instant coffee!

TJ has his poncho ready!

Mr. Daniel tarping up his camp site!

Heading over to the Shoshone river!

Ready to raft! Getting fit for our PFDs!

Our crew getting their raft groups ready so we can hit the river!

Bear Bus crew!

One of the raft guides had a karaoke microphone so of course Anna was on it!

Merrily getting in on the karaoke action!

Of course Merrily had the entire bus pumped up for rafting!

Breakfast time served by the great Ms. V and Grant Deaton!

Our fantastic chef masters made us a breakfast of sausage, grits, and eggs!

Getty up cowboy!

Laundry time! Time to get all of those smelly clothes smelling fresh!

Wriston showing off his talented guitar skills! He is a fabulous singer as well!

Walmart time! The sleepys first shopping trip as cooks!

Look at all that bread!

Laundry time!

How many participants can fit in a cowboy hat section? 

Give us all the cowboy hats!

The boys are ready to hit the big town of Cody and then head to the rodeo!

Grant and Kevin setting up camp for the night!

This trip is in-tents for the staff!

Rodeo time! We are all decked out and ready to cheer on the cowboys and cowgirls!

The MC loved the crew from NC!

oh Anna...


Aiden lining up for the 12 and under cow chase! Of course we were cheering for him at the top of our lungs!

DQ Time! The best way to end the night after a big day of rafting and the rodeo!

Calf chase competition winner in our hearts

Ridem cowboy!

Our fantastic bloggers getting the job done in DQ!

Ice cream time!